About Me

I'm a freelance audio engineer located in the greater Boston area. I am a graduate of UMass Lowell's Sound Recording Technology program.

I have experience in tracking, editing and mixing music as well as dialogue editing, fx cutting and mixing for visual formats.


I strive to continuously experiment while working with artists/clients to achieve their own unique sound. I'm a firm believer of getting the right sound before pressing the record button. If things aren't sounding right, then I will make adjustments at the source until they are!


While music is my primary passion, I also enjoy working with video production teams both on set and in post-production. My strengths include critical listening skills as well as strong attention to detail.


I have engineered at:
The Record Company, Boston
Studio City Sound, Los Angeles
Q Division, Somerville
Mix One Studios, Boston
Mad Oak Studios, Allston (Assisting)
The Litter Box, Lowell
UML Studio, Lowell
Production companies I work with include:
Bearwalk Cinema
Ecast Productions
Sofar Sounds Boston
Slide Rule Pictures